At the security gate, access is only available to individuals who can identify themselves with a valid Federal ID card, a valid passport, or a comparable valid foreign document. Student ID cards without a photo cannot replace an identity card. If an appropriate document cannot be shown, the presentation of a court summons to an upcoming trial may be sufficient.

All bags, packages, containers and other objects carried by visitors will be monitored by the security checkpoint staff in person and by using a probe (metal detector), as well as baggage scanning equipment. The objects are checked to determine whether weapons, explosives or other dangerous items are carried. Objects identified as such will be confiscated or taken into custody.

Mobile phones and audio and video recording devices may not be carried, and will therefore be taken into custody. In the buildings and on the grounds of the Higher Regional Court sound and image recording is prohibited, except for the use of dictaphones by officials or lawyers.

Other exceptions may be granted by the security officer of the Court or the Press Spokesperson.

Please note that with great spectator interest admittance can be very time-consuming.

In order to ensure a quick completion of the necessary control, a timely arrival is advisable.