Information on barrier-free use of the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf for people with disabilities


Disabled parking space

A disabled parking space was established on the Kurt-Baurichter-Straße (close to the District Government).


Access to the building

Access to the building is possible via the main entrance on Cecilienallee 3.

For wheelchair users and people with walker-rollators, who do not need further assistance, as well as for parents with prams, barrier-free access to the building is possible at the entrance on Kurt-Baurichter-Str., Building B.

There will be a calling device on the right side of the entrance for you to notify your arrival. You can also register by telephone: +049 211 4971 0.



Lifts are located in all parts of the building.

The buildings are named clockwise, seen from the main building on Cecillienallee 3.

The main building is Building A, the intermediate building between the old building and the high-rise is Building B, the high-rise building (corner) at the Kurt Baurichter Str is Building C, the building on the side of the Local Government is Building D.

Please note that the passage between the buildings is only possible on the 1st floor between Building A and B and from Building A to D.


Toilets for people with disabilities

Throughout the building, there are 3 toilets available that are suitable for people with disabilities.

There is no key required for any of these toilet facilities (Euro-key).


1. Building A, Main Building

The toilet is located opposite Room A 110.

2. Building B, Kurt-Baurichter-Str.

This toilet is located in the communal area 2 of the Judicial Examination Office. It is only available to test candidates.

3. Building D, Canteen area EG

The toilet, which is located in the basement area of the canteen, is signposted from the cafeteria.


Please follow the signs.